November 27, 2009

Bienvenida Hermana Stacey Jensen!

There she is!!

Lots of tears to follow...

An emotional and thrilled Grandma Olson


and mommy!

"Welcome Home" Tags

Proud parents of a mission well served!
Saying good-bye to Elder Hales (Stacey's travel companion)

The Hales family

Talking to Natalie (in fast Spanish!) on the drive home

A beautiful crisp November day for a glorious welcome home!

Home Sweet Home, Riverton Utah

The traditional yellow ribbon!

Filling in the last dot on her countdown chart

The 'Release Interview' with President Nielsen

(In this photo, Stacey is still wearing the name badge she
has faithfully attached and worn for the last 565 days.
President Nielsen said she could take it off at her own pace
and she did without too much overwrought emotion
once home...whew!!)

The Release Letter

The Release Certificate

Souvenir for dad!

The pre-requisite leather scriptures cases!


it was like Christmas-- 1 month early!

Great Argentine Souvenirs

Planning every 15 minutes of her life for 18 months meant a lot of planners!

The transfer card that hung in President Benton's office

The "Welcome Home" Dinner
Chicken Crescents, Stuffed Mushrooms,
Mormon Potatoes and Brownie Cheesecake!



Zimmerman-López Family said...
How absolutely fantastic!! Thank-you for sharing these amazing photos. We are so happy and grateful for you, your service, your example and look forward to the same magnificent day with our daughter. God bless you in all endeavors you pursue! With love, the Zimmerman-López Family
NOVEMBER 27, 2009 3:35 PM


Hermana Lopez's Mom said...
Bienvenida Hermana Jensen!

Nos ha gustado mucho ver esta página mientras que estabas en la misión, seguro que a tí también te gusta mucho ver en lo que tus padres se han estado entreteniendo en tu ausencia: mantener esta página web. Que el Señor te bendiga y busca oportunidades de continuar hablando español, si no lo usas se te olvidará.

La madre de la Hermana López!!!

November 27, 2009 10:07 PM

November 22, 2009

Final Baptisms!

The famous twins from the RM; Elder's Chatwin

Roomies at the Las Heras pension

muddy, muddy shoes

Hermana Godfrey and Jensen with their Casi Companeras;
(almost companions) Hermana Pruner and Gurr

All packed-- for the 6th time!

Stacey with Elder Thompson
(Trent lived across the street from us in
South Jordan---small world!!)

Hermana Godfrey and Gurr with Stacey

Hermana Bulger y Jensen

Mission home backyard

The Bentons--an amazing couple

looking at the ocean one last time...

Pastores (finishing missionaries) tour

Saying good-bye to Rio Del Plata

Me gusta Argentina!

Making steady progress :)

Stacey and Elder Hales
Stacey traveled home on the same flight with Elder and Sister Bednar
(An Apostolic Blessing from Elder Bednar given to the
MTC and North, South and West Missions in Buenos Aires)
I bless you with an increase of faith in Jesus Christ so
that you can act with faith and learn by this faith.
That you ask with faith and seek knowledge by faith.
This faith will be a safeguard for you, for your companions,
and for your families. Be true to this gift and blessing.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

And with President and Sister Snow as well !

The "Y" Mountain view from the plane flying into Salt Lake